Apartement Package


Apartement packages


3euros camera packages


All of us who live in an apartement, a problem of thefts all the time, property destruction and violence. To avoid these problems we have created a package for housing associations.

Only 3 euros a month, you can keep an eye on your car, debt, child, or even the postman.

Often used the alarm system in an apartment, but no one keeps on eye, what is going one out side .

  Even if the alarm is working, is the thief or a huligan ran for four winds.

Here we come to help you. When you wake up in the morning and you discover that your car does not have wheels or someone skratced it with a key .Then you can always look on the Internet, who did it. And if this knowledge is not enough you can even go to the police with recorded video.

And sometimes you just a have this weeling, that something is wrong. Then you'll can go your PC or your Smartphone to view real-time video what is going on.

It makes no sense at all that every apartemente is buying expensive video recording system, when all apartmantes together can to it much sheeper.

Package includes:

24 hour video recording


whith four cameras

Cameras are mounted and installed

each apartement has is owne user account

Setting up a computer or smartphone

Access real-time video

3 euros is a price for one apartement per month (minimum number of apartments 12)



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