Turvasilm.ee offers cameras, security cameras, sport cameras for every taste

Ava e-pood

Turvasilm OÜ
is created for the purpose
provide a sense of security for all

Our e-shop, anyone can afford to procure the necessary set of cameras. But if you feel that with all these gadgets, which are required for posting a security camera is too expensive, we will offer you a variety of monthly payment solutions.

<b> Access </b> always available

Access always available

<b> Wide </b> device selection

Wide device selection

<b> Via </b> Internet

Via Internet

<b> 24 hours </b> up and running

24 hours up and running

Security Cameras for everyone

Is it your house, apartment, car, house, or even a warehouse. We offer you an affordablefull-service, without that you should figure out how to redirect ports on the router or a static IP address, how to get to see the video over the Internet and your smartphone.

Choose the solution that's right for you.

Today’s video conferencing solutions offer ever better ways to guard your assets on different devices. Many devices allow you to track your assets through the Internet and various mobile applications.

10,000 cameras across Estonia

Security Eye has sold over 10,000 (security) cameras over the years.